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Member Spotlight: Winter 2022-2023 – Tara Tacci

Meet Tara!..

When did your journey begin?
December 31st, 2021, was my first day going to the gym. And I have gone 3-5x/week since then, other than sick days!

What motivates you to workout?
The natural high that exercise gives me motivates me to work out. How I’ve seen my body transform from lifting weights and being more active, motivates me. The fact that working out makes every aspect of my life better and easier, is what motivates me to work out.

Goals Accomplished!…
Being able to join and continue FitZone is a huge accomplishment for me; When I first started working out I thought there was NO WAY I could EVER participate in those classes. When I first started working out, I couldn’t even get my feet in and out of the rower on my own -Steve had to help me every time and I didn’t start rowing independently for a few months. When I first started working out, I could not perform the inch worm exercise from Body Pump class. I can now do these 2 things (as well as other things) and it feels amazing!