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    Are you...

    short on time?

    struggling to lose weight?

    needing a plan & accountability?

    stressed out?

    scared to start?

    Member Spotlight


    I started my healthier eating habits in July, 2023, and walking laps at the gym around that time. The real effort of getting into shape began in September, 2023. I’ve lost 33 lbs total since July, and have gone from 44% body fat in September, to 19%, as of February, 2024. I eat healthier and maintain a calorie deficit, and am in the gym 4-5 times a week.

    Seeing my results has been a big motivator for me to continue my new healthy lifestyle. The support and personal attention from the Fitzone Coaches and gym staff have kept me encouraged and moving forward. I also enjoy the camaraderie from other gym members in class.

    In July, I was 213 lbs and because of my weight gain, had developed arthritis in my right knee. It was severe enough that I couldn’t walk without limping and had to go sideways on staircases. I did the physical therapy prescribed to me for a few months, and finally felt ready to start Fitzone in September. Going to Fitzone three times a week has improved my physical fitness drastically, and I even started running again in December! I have been doing three rides a week on the All Core for six months and feel my core strength returning. I do a basic weight training program on the machines twice a week, and have developed more muscle mass, and have seen gains of 40 lbs or more on most of my weight limits.

    My goal is to lose another 20 lbs, develop more muscle tone, and eventually get rid of most of my lingering belly fat. I’m really grateful to the team at Harrisonburg 24/7 Family Fitness. They take the time to genuinely encourage and motivate me, when I wouldn’t have done it on my own. I’m making a lot of friends and acquaintances in the workout groups, and feel like I really have a community at the gym.



    This is our first level of tanning. These beds all have built in facial tanners and CD/Stereo systems. They are 20 minute max time.


    This level features a bed and stand up booth. One Supreme session is equal to three Premium sessions. This levels has less burn rays with bronzing bulbs so you get more color out of each session. Our Harrisonburg location offers both the Supreme Bed and Booth. The Bridgewater location offers the Supreme Bed.

    “Magic” Bed

    This bed is incredible! It is the fastest, best way to tan! Three to six sessions will get you a base tan and only 1-2 sessions per month is needed to maintain your tan. This bed features no burning rays so everyone can stay a longer time. Max tan time is 12 minutes. This bed is offered at our Harrisonburg location.


    • Love this gym!!!! Staff is super friendly and helpful. Gym stays clean and organized. Great all around place for fitness. The hot tub, sauna and tanning beds are wonderful for self care or recovery and makes it enjoyable for anyone and everyone. Also my wife says it’s nice having an all ladies room!!!

      Hank West
    • I have been a member for going on a year now. I generally fequent the Harrisonburg location. The staff is incredibly friendly. They greet you by name when you come in and also when you leave. I love that they have a ladies only area which comes in handy for those that are self consious doing certain exercises. The classes they offer are really great as well as all the coaches. I like the fact that they offer many different packages based on what you a specifically looking for.

      Lisa Bryant
    • Very cool gym that’s typically not busy when I am in. The staff are friendly as well as the other gym goers. The equipment is in decent shape. I have a 600 sq foot gym at home but costs to much to heat the building in the winter so I got a membership here.

      Danny The Donk
    • Nice facility!! I stopped for a day pass. They even have a Sauna!!!! Very impressed. Do not judge it from the outside. Its plenty of equipment.

      Tony Davis

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