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Simmons Tan

The Best Tanning Salons In Bridgewater and Harrisonburg


1) BOGO: Buy one get one free – premium level beds.
2) BOGO: Buy one get one free – supreme level beds.
3) BOGO: Buy one get one free – magic level beds.

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Tanning Levels

This is our first level of tanning. These beds all have built in facial & shoulder tanners, body fans, and AC systems. They are 12 minute max time.

This level features a bed and stand up booth. One Supreme session is equal to three Premium sessions. This levels has less burn rays with bronzing bulbs so you get more color out of each session. Our Harrisonburg location offers both the Supreme Bed and Booth. The Bridgewater location offers the Supreme Bed.

“Magic” Bed
This bed is incredible! It is the fastest, best way to tan! Three to six sessions will get you a base tan and only 1-2 sessions per month is needed to maintain your tan. This bed features low burning rays so everyone can stay a longer time. Max tan time is 12 minutes. This bed is offered at our Harrisonburg location.

Premium Beds

$24.99 Monthly Pass
1 Session $10
3 Sessions $22
6 Sessions $27
10 Sessions $34
1 Month $45

Supreme Beds/Booths

$39.99 Monthly Pass
1 Session $17
3 Sessions $35
6 Sessions $49
10 Sessions $67
1 Month $59

Harrisonburg's MAGIC Bed (BEST BED!)

$79.99 Monthly Pass
1 Session $32
3 Sessions $65
6 Sessions $120
10 Sessions $185
1 Month $129


UV exposure can help with:

Exposure to sunlight stimulates the thyroid gland thus boosting your metabolism.

Sunlight produces vitamin D, which helps prevent bone loss.

About 80% of Psoriasis sufferers show improvement with UV exposure.

Common Cold
Ten minute exposure to UV light one to three times per week reduces the frequency of colds up to 40%.

Sunlight exposure decreases adrenaline and noradrenaline levels, creating a “anti-stressing” effect.