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Member Spotlight: Fall 2021, Morgan Hoover

Meet Morgan!…

Morgan gets her motivation to workout from the staff at both Bridgewater and Harrisonburg Fitness as well as well as some self discipline.

She has been loving Les Mills Body Pump classes with Kaity and Lucy as well as Bootcamp classes with Mckenzie and Hannah. When she’s not in a Group X class, Morgan can be found doing the W.O.W. in the Functional Fitness area at the Harrisonburg gym.

“In January 2020 I had goals to have a flat stomach as the year progressed COVID19 sent us into isolation and I developed an eating dissorder. I was tired, self conscious and not myself until July of 2020 when the gym opened back up. I began to lift heavy and be more confident within my skin. Now in 2021 I am healthier and stronger than I was nearly a year ago.

I use the gym to be by myself, to show myself I can do hard things and continue to grow stronger both mentally and physically.”