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We want to be sure you are comfortable working out in our facilities.  As well as make sure you are doing the proper workouts to achieve your desired results.  Personal training sessions are held one-on-one, by appointment, to ensure that each customer gets the optimal training exerience!  Sessions are one hour long and must be scheduled by appointment.  Your first two sessions are always FREE and include a "fit evaulation" where the trainer will discuss your goals and limitations in order to customize workout program for you to follow.  All of our machines are numbered, so when you get your customized workout, you will be able to follow through and know exactly what to do at each workout.  Every person is different.  That is why we take the time to give you a thorough fit evaluation to determine your exact needs.  Doing this allows us to create a routine specifically for you!

Training with us is affordable.  With session packages as low as $25 per session, let us get you on the road to a new you!

Meet our Staff
Melisia Barbour:  Front Desk   Phil Carr:  Personal Trainer
Zak Swafford: Front Desk   Carolyn Smith: FitZone Coach
Karen Myers:  Yoga Instructor   Dontae Gholson: FitZone Coach & KidsFit Coach
Melissa Shank:  Front Destk and Zumba Instructor   Kelley Gholson:  Assistant Facilities Manager, FitZone Coach, KidsFit Coach
Deon Mays:  Front Desk, FitZone Coach, and KidsFit Coach   Steve Zumbro:  Personal Trainer
Matt Hurley:  Front Desk   Pam Lewis:  Zumba & Strength Coach
Becky Greenwood:  Front Desk   Kaity Remnant:  GroupX Coach
Lucy Dunaway:  FitZone & GroupX Coach   Uriel Villeda:  Front Desk
McKenzie Gray:  FitZone Coach   Donna Young: Yoga Instructor
Doug White: Cycle Instructor   Valerie Golladay: Zumba Instructor
Corinne Murphy:  Front Desk