Why Your New Year’s Resolution Won’t Work…Unless You Do!

Why Your New Year’s Resolution Won’t Work….Unless You Do!

So, it’s that time of the year again. The first of the year has become somewhat of a running joke with most people. The term itself: “New Year’s Resolution” draws jeers and sarcasm, and many people are embarrassed to talk about them, let alone act on them. So the question is…



We don’t take resolutions seriously because we only see the failures of attempting the goals. We see people quit on their goals, or we ourselves quit because of “Well, life and work and blah blah blah.” The New Year gives the sense of a fresh start, but the great part about resolutions (or goals as they should be called) is that they can be set ANYTIME!. So now we move to…

Why don’t they work?

Fantastic, we’ve got a big long list of all the great things we are going to change, improve and accomplish in the new year! “I want to lose weight, have better finances, have better relationships and fly to the moon.” That’s where most people stop. We pick these big, generic goals and put them on a piece of paper, then act impulsively by starting a new radical diet plan, buying a bunch of self-help books and investing in a bunch of materials for this new project. What’s missing is a game plan!

How to be a successful Resolutioner!

Define your resolutions clearly. Change “I want to lose weight” to “I want to lose 20 lbs. by March 1st.” Specify the amount and give yourself a deadline. This holds you accountable and can be clearly observed and measured.

Make your plans specific. “I want to be more financially successful.” Break it down. What specific steps do you have to take to make that goal a reality? Make a list of expenses and cut what you can. Determine if you need to make more money and does that look like getting a new job, asking for a raise, picking up a second job or…what?

-Prioritize and Do It! If we have put so much time and energy into defining our goals and strategically planning them, then they are important. Life will throw you curveballs, that’s what life does! The first thing to go when life gets crazy is that new thing we picked up. We cut that immediately because routine is easier. Put the new goals at the top of the list, above watching television, sleeping in, watching YouTube, or whatever else that isn’t as important as those goals. Repeat the manta: “No matter what, I am going to do this.”

In conclusion, New Year’s Resolutions and resolutions are not bad at all, they can actually be a great thing! Avoid any negative feelings or pushback for setting new goals, focus on how good it will feel when those goals are met. Define the resolutions clearly, specifically plan how they will be accomplished and put them at the top of the priority list! Take control now and focus on meeting and surpassing these new goals…just in time for getting ready to do it all again for the year after! ☺

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