The Miracle Supplement- Consistency

The Miracle Supplement- Consistency

No matter where you look, you always hear about it. Whether it’s social media, movies, television, gyms, etc., we all see the “miracle supplement”, but does it really work? Our favorite actor recommends the new muscle-building-fat-loss-super supplement and we already are imagining the new body we will achieve since, “it worked for the Rock right?” After spending time, money and energy on these “miracle fixes”, we are left more disappointed than ever when our physiques aren’t perfect in two weeks.


-This happens to entry-level and experienced exercisers alike and why?

Simple, the entry-level exercisers want the results RIGHT NOW, because that’s just the way our society is (which is a philosophical debate for another time); but it is also because that’s what we see. How many transformations do you see that seem to happen overnight? We get disillusioned into believing that the body can change so rapidly by using some.. “thing” to get there.

-Why doesn’t it work?

This is not bashing on supplements, because there are a lot of great ones out there that do what their name suggests, it supplements your diet and work outs. If you really want the miracle fix, it is consistency. Instead of hopping on a crash-course super diet that makes you crazy after two weeks, do something more moderate but do it longer and more consistent. Same with the workouts. Just keep moving your feet. Each step is progression and will take you closer to your goals. Stop relying on two-week fixes or something to designed to do anything “quick.” Your progress will jump dramatically anyway if you are genuinely consistent.

-How to achieve consistency?

Prepare and Commit. Two simple words, but they are more difficult in practice. The first part is commit. Decide to do it and prioritize your health and body. What’s more important, a night out or sticking to your diet, or, hitting the snooze button or getting up and going to that Group X class? Find out which one you value more and STICK TO IT. Each time you do it, you build momentum. To make commitment stick and make it easier, prepare. Write down your workouts or work with a personal trainer. Prepare your meals for a set time or create a diet plan that is feasible and works with your schedule. Accountability is a must too. Write down what you do, join a Group Class, work out with a trainer or partner.

Changes may not come overnight, but the things worthwhile seldom come easily or quickly. Choose the path, prepare for it, and stick with it and that consistency will yield results.

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