Triple Threat Rules and Tips

Why sign up for a challenge or competition? Any sort of deadline is a great motivator for amping up your workouts, staying on track, and gives you a goal to strive towards. Check out our Triple Threat Challenge, happening on October 13th at 10:00am.

Triple Threat Challenge Rules & Regulations

Rule 1: Facility:

-Harrisonburg’s Elite Fitbox. October 13th, 2018 10:00am. Alcohol and Tobacco Products are prohibited.

Rule 2: Registration:

-Please call a Front Desk attendant at either of our gym locations, Harrisonburg:540-432-6076 or Bridgewater: 540-828-2338 Or check our facebook to sign up on the google link.

If online: click this link-

Rule 3: Equipment:

  1. Participants are allowed to wear whatever attire they would like, so long as it is conforms to the Harrisonburg 24/7 Fitness dress code (Must wear shoes, no sports bras-only shirts, etc.)
  2. Any device or equipment that HELPS the lifter is NOT permitted.
  • This prohibits: lifting straps, rubber shirts, slingshot shirts, etc.
  1. Any device or equipment that PREVENTS INJURY is permitted
  • This allows: chalk, elbow wraps, knee wraps, wrist support wraps and a weight lifting belt.

Note: The judges reserve the right to deem any piece of equipment as illegal!

Rule 4: General Rules

  1. The order of the lifts is as follows: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift.
  • Judgers/Spotters will determine the validity of the lift.
  • The men and women will go through in two separate groups, which group goes through first will be determined.
  • Each lifter will get 3 attempts at the weight they request.

Rule 5: The Squat:

  1. Participants will approach the bar (padding optional) and adjust the bar on the back to where is comfortable.
  2. Upon unracking the bar and stepping back, the lifter is permitted to begin the lift on their own accord, instead of at a coach’s mark.
  3. The knee and hip joint must be parallel to be considered a successful lift.

Rule 6: The Bench Press:

  1. Participants will lay flat on the bench. The back, shoulders, and buttocks must be in contact with the floor. Feet will also be placed on the floor.
  2. The lifter can request “lift off” or assistance in unracking the bar. The lifter can begin the lift on their own accord, rather than a coach’s mark.
  3. The bar must go down and be motionless on the chest before pushing back up. There will not be a coach’s mark, but the judges WILL be looking for the momentary pause before the weight is pushed. Any bouncing, raising of the lower back or any use of momentum will result in a failed attempt.
  4. The spotters will assist in reracking the bar once the press is locked out.

Rule 7: The Deadlift:

  1. Participants will approach the bar and prepare to pick up the bar.
  2. Participants are permitted to use any grip they prefer.
  3. NO hitching (yanking the bar up), or resting the bar on the thigh.
  4. The lifter must achieve lock out to be considered a success.

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