Dog Days of Summer


As the sunny season wanes, is your commitment to fitness waning also? We all make that push to get that “beach-body” and so comes the early morning cardio, the hardcore weight-lifting, the protein shakes and the innumerable salads. But what happens to that commitment as the season comes to an end? How do you avoid losing your drive and keep all your hard-earned progress?

● Set more goals, specific ones too!  That beach trip may be over, but that can’t be the main goal of your fitness! Be fit for that Halloween costume, impress your family at Thanksgiving or be ready for the New Year! Whatever your goals are, try to be as specific as possible so the goal seems within reach. If you really want that extra commitment, write down your goals and the date in an area you frequently see to keep you driven.

● Look at all your progress!  Take a good hard look at the person in that mirror. Whether you are competition-ready, or just a healthier you, YOU have progressed. If you have kept data on your weight, bodyfat percentage, strength/cardio gains, then examine that and see how far you have come. All that progress in the time that you have put in, but can you close your eyes and imagine your progress in a month? What about 6 months? Imagine a new person staring back from the mirror in a year! It may seem impossible, but so did all the progress you have already made, so why stop pushing now?

● Fitness Loves Company!  Nothing keeps you committed like a partner or a group. Having a partner provides several benefits, such as accountability, a spotter for heavy weight, and making working out more fun! Getting involved in group classes is a great way to make like-minded friends, learn more from each other, and stay on track.

● Finally… Remember why you started!  What prompted your fitness journey in the first place? What goals did you set? Why did you make the decision to alter your life, and start a healthy lifestyle? Maybe you saw a magazine cover and wanted to emulate that, or maybe after a doctor’s recommendation, or maybe it had been on your mind for a while and you finally made the first step. Whatever the reason, YOU made that commitment and promise to YOURSELF. Don’t let a temporary season impact a lifelong journey. Remember why you started, for that is why you will keep going.

So, summer is ending, but a whole new journey of re-commitment is beginning. Set those specific goals, grab your friends, and remember why this whole thing began in the first place.

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